Asset from CC0

Hi there, is using CC0 for Template Kit elementor not allowed anymore

Why I cant use theese asset from unsplash and got this error notice


Elementor Kits have specific rules about people in photos due to the distribution through Elements and Elementor plugins. Any photo showing an identifiable person must be sourced from Envato Elements to ensure commercial licensing and model release on file.

You may use any other photos from Unsplash (in which case it should be No for contain People).

We are reviewing potential for Unsplash plus photos, which guarantee model release. Any updates to our policy are published on the Template Kit technical guidelines in the author help center, and the full author guide.

Oke thank you, can u tell us more. What is the meaning people and place? what is the meaning limit for both. For example, if the picture only shows a certain part of the human body, is it called a person? or we can use the image. For example this image left hand picking vegetable on plate photo ā€“ Free Food Image on Unsplash

Also, what is a place and what are its limitations? Iā€™m confused, for example, if there is a picture containing a seat somewhere, is it called a place? for example in this image selective focus photography of red-and-black Chinese lanterns photo ā€“ Free Image on Unsplash