Asking for refund

What company does this ?

Read more here…seriously avoid these guys

Refunds cannot be handled on the forums. You’ll need to go through the official refund process.

To open a refund request, visit

To contact support, visit

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Tried that and your company, which has a history of this, won’t refund. If I cant get my money back at least I can prevent others from dealing with a company who treats customers this way. Shameful

I don’t work for any company. I’m a volunteer moderator, as are the other moderators here.

The person who declined your refund request was a freelancer, not someone who works at Envato. Because they declined the refund request, you have the option to dispute the refund with Envato. To do that, look for a dispute link somewhere on the page for the refund request, or contact support at the link above.

That’s all I’m trying to say. There’s nothing else that can be done or said here on the forums.


That’s 100% accurate! The best solution is to dispute the refund with Envato. If the item in question is bugged or has not been downloaded or support was promised but not provided you are entitled to a refund. That’s a guarantee! :slight_smile: