As this hard reject

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Technically, it’s good. But your design is poor, text shadow, typography, animation & other details is not good

On mobile it’s a headache to use, read and various styling issues.

It’s hard to tell on a small screen but it looks like the design execution needs quite a bit of attention.

Can you elaborate more Charlie,
and If i improve the design then can we resubmit it. I was also working on the wordpress version as I was very confident. I have been working with IM and clients since 2010 and almost all my clients likes the design.
will they consider it in the wordpress theme version.
Ps. I have canalize other authors work and as a buyer even I have seen that there are so many errors in some authors work but still they are accepted. at least themeforest need to give a detail review so that one improve its work.

We’ve all been there where we think that something is good but actually it is not ( it’s hard to be objective to your own work ). Reviews do know what is good what is not. Given that these days standards have been dropped a little and your theme is still hard rejected just tells you that design is terrible and it needs to be redone from scratch. It’s simple as that.