Are Slow Motion Tracks Accepted?

Sup all!

I’ve made an ambient composition then slowed it down by 800% using special software so the quality is still good.

I know it’s a very niche type of sound but personally I can imagine a use for businesses for this type of item but will it get rejected? (trying to find out on here first so I don’t waste one of my item slots during the fairly long review process).


Edit: this is the type of effect I’m using

Then… the result is something that sounds like a new composition?
In some uploads, I modified the tempo, but you can listen the same track, although with other tempo…
I think you could send a message to team reviewer and ask this question, but I think finally that the best way to know this is uploading the track.
good luck!

Yeah it is basically a new track once slowed down but it’s an original composition to start off with and custom made with the slow motion effect in mind so it isn’t really long and repetitive.

And thanks! Yeah I’ll wait a few hours to see if a reviewer or someone who would know for sure replies before uploading it to check. :slight_smile:

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I think the term is coined “Vapor Wave” search AJ for an idea on the genre, you’ll be pleasantly surprised :slight_smile:

It doesn’t seemed like a problem to me, until I thought about the “reverse engineering” issue. If the “paulstretch” effect can be reversed and bring the audio back to the original, then you would have a problem. I don’t know if that can be done :smiley:

Ah nice! Yeah I forgot this would be related to vapor wave and plunderphonics haha. I’ll give it a a shot.

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I don’t think you could reverse engineer it since it changes the texture/timbre of the sound in a pretty complex way, plus even if they could it’s an original composition anyway so it’s no biggie. :slight_smile:

I’ll upload it now and report back once it’s reviewed.

Thanks guys!

Sell it as Ambient for Meditation? I have some Meditation tracks that sell quite good from time to time.

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Yeah was planning on selling it as that. Just wasn’t sure if the slow mo effect was allowed since it’s a pretty unique type of sound, I’ll give it a try though.