[Hard Rejection Again] Please Help!!

Hello guys,
This Track got hard rejection!
Could you please help me know what is wrong with this track?
Thank you


It’s all good.

Sounds quite nice to me, but maybe it’s a bit too muffled, the highs seem a bit on the low side.

It could just be that there are 10,000 tracks just like it, and they are tightening up the reviews.

Just like on the footage side, but with very common subjects, like cloud timelapses. There are just enough of them, so unless it’s spectacular, it’s not needed.

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Just turned on “the program” which makes the preliminary check. Judging by the recent “Hard rejected” on the forum those tracks checked people. Now tracks with good quality and idea) - the program works)

Hey ProHits! Congrats! Your track is really good, in my opinion. Maybe the strings staccatos are a slightly muffled and lost in the mix, and the instrument used sound a bit “fake”, but it’s just a personal impression. Also, perhaps the mastering could use a little extra high-end and presence.

You know, recently a bunch of authors have been posting about hard rejections on the Corporate category, some of those with very well-accomplished tracks. Maybe the review team is trying to control the flood of “Inspiring Corporate Motivational Ambient” items… But I don’t know, just guessing.

Best of luck with your upcoming uploads!


Thanks Wormwood Music, appreciate your opinion,this is my 5th hard rejection all of tracks almost in the same quality and they are in different styles not only corporate (cinematic, folk, ambient) and also got hard rejection with the same reason :
[This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.]
the point is what is the commercial quality standard??

Of course, I don’t have enough experience to help others. But just my opinion, it’s very good track. The only thing that confuses me is the word “ambient” in the title.