My tracks have not been approved. Give me feedback pls.

Hi. New here. I have uploaded two upliufting ambient tracks of mine, but none has been approved. I have received the following answer to my email|, for both of them: “This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.” Beyonf this, no other explanation.

I would appreciate the feedback of those people that previewed and rejected them, or from experienced authors. What is wrong with them, is it the composition, the mxing or they just don’t fit the market of this website? I need to know so that I know how to improve or if I am just in the wrong market. Pls click the link below to listen to them.

Thank you for your time.

Hi, Synth on the 10th second sounds pretty sharp, so just pick a little less sharp sound, its processing and delays are excellent. The saxophone is really bad (my last quality rejected track, about 5 years ago, had the Sampling Modeling vsti, which is much better than this sax, nevertheless, this was not enough even in that “simple” time). The same with the plucked starting at 1:32, it won’t be approved.

The track is sad, it reminded me of games from 3DO. Unfortunately, sad music must be especially good and modern in order to have a chance of selling, IMHO.

+1 on Cyril’s comments. Plus the drone bass could stand to come down into the background at the beginning as well. Still, great job!

  • Nathan

Many thanks for your helpful comments. Appreciated!