Approved in the After Effects category and hard rejected in Premiere Pro.

Hello everyone!
My template with transitions has been approved for the After Effect category.
I made a version for Premiere Pro, but unfortunately it was rejected.

What could be the reason for the rejection of a similar template, I do not understand. It is unexpected for me.

I read in one of the similar topics that it was necessary to attach a link to an already approved project. I didn’t know it and didn’t do it.

Can I resubmit my PP template with a link to an already approved AE project? I wouldn’t want to break the rules.

Many thanks!

Yes you can, but is very important that you write the link to your AE item in “Message to the reviewer” section. Once you do that, it’s up to reviewer the approval or rejection of your Premiere item.

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Hi there,

Since it is the same project, why do you not update the existing After Effects Template by adding the Premiere Pro version to it?

@GoForMotion Thanks a lot for the answer! Most likely I will!

Hi! Well, the fact is that, as a rule, those who are interested in Premiere Pro templates go to the PP category and search within the category.

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For the same reason EA releases Battlefield for Playstation, Xbox and PC as separate games too, instead of “here, we’re so kind hearted, get all the different versions included for 60$”. It just wouldn’t be a wise business move, when each different version can make money as a brand new product, especiy when each version takes extra time and effort to create.