approve or reject ?? please help me, for my first 3 logos on the graphicriver

These are the first 3 logos that I want to upload. I have previewed each of these logos. please, can you help me whether this logo will be accepted or not ??
if not, give me a solution if there is a possibility it can still be accepted here. Thank you to all of you

Here’s a simple example of my 3 logos :

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I think they are generally pretty nice, though I think it would be a good idea to include a coloured version for each of them.

For the Pelican logo, I would look into some different fonts, the one you have chosen doesn’t really fit in my opinion. The water ripples look more like a target than ripples, so maybe try breaking it up a bit or adding a subtle wave to the shapes to make it more water-like.

For The Beach and The Windmill, those might work better as illustrations, and the text is pretty small, especially when you start shrinking them down to business card or letterhead sizes. If you want to use those as logos, I would shrink them down to about 1/2 inch in width, then start deleting/adjusting any small detail that looks messy, while also adjusting the size and line thickness for each element so that it all looks clean and clear, including the text.


thank you for giving me a response … this really helped me. :heart:

the initial concept of the pelican logo as you think (right on target, and pelicans). but your mind is very interesting, maybe I will turn to water if I can make it acceptable here.

honestly I have not thought about it for the beach and windmill. because this is just my imagination and not conceptualized. I think I will focus more on this pelican logo style.

maybe, if you have other suggestions for this pelican logo. I hope you can tell me again. Thank you very much

hello !!
what do you think about this slight change,
can this logo be accepted ??

I hope you will respond to me again. Because, I don’t want to fail at the first upload opportunity on this graphicriver. Thank you very much

By colour I meant something more like this. Use more natural colours as well.

I don’t think you need to have “Logo” in the name, just “Pelican” should be fine, but don’t use such a standard font.

Be sure to submit it with a nice preview as well.

ok i will try to fix it again thanks for your advice.
can you recommend a font for this … ??

hi, i personally do not agree much with what @XioxGraphix said in this case (unlike what usually happens) … i do not think that the windmill and the other one mentioned are necessarily better suited as illustrations , necessarily … though if u wanna make logos out of them, u need to make adjustments and change some things to match requirements of this category. in a general way and thus is true for the 3 logos that u have displayed here , strokes are way too thin as reviewers are considering logos in a very small size as for i know … besides, try to have a look at your preview , the stroke is so very thin that the preview in small - but not yet very small - size is already looking messed up with as if there were a pixellated effect . this is due to the fact the the stroke is too thin … unlike @XioxGraphix said i really do not believe that u need to introduce some colors as this style is mid way between logo and badge and this is a rather trendy style , and in particular if u end up displaying nasty colors as the ones u put in the previews that u have done following his recommendations. However, what looks crystal clear in my mind is that texts in the beach one and windmill ones are way too thin too failing to be outstanding enough , not to mention that having texts crossing the illustration are definitely not a good idea for marketplaces purposes (u can ask Dany @Opaq, he is an expert of logos here and i am quite sure that he would confirm just this), for the windmill this may be ok bur for the beach one, definitely not in my view. Globally i consider that your 2 items are a bit too detailed at the moment and making the stroke kind of bolder will lead u to simplify the logo in terms of number of elements indeed
there is a cool idea when it come to the pelican but the typo is too flat , lacking originality, variations and font combinations so globally lacking relief , especially for here where u are expected to make a real work when it comes to typo (this is probably the main focus here in almost all categories indeed) and once again for this one, i think that the stroke in the part this is the lightest one, is too thin , u end up having too much of discrepancy between the plain full shape and the stroke

next time pls try to post on by one tis is easier for us to help u more in details

Wow, super … :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

You have changed my perspective on this logo, you really say everything I need to be extraordinary. maybe I will pay more attention to the little things from my work to make it look perfect when it’s finished. This makes me even more passionate about making works to be as successful as you are in this envato. and continue to add wider knowledge about design. you are my hero, thank you very much

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Alright, thank you very much

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this os for conveniency issues, otherwise , people trying to help have to treat by group but hard to be as accurate if so … i am also happy that i could help u this much, this is my pleasure :slight_smile:

Just take your one logo And zoom in or out. see if your logo is still visible or not in small, very small size. if not then you will clearly get hard rejection, keep that in mind! :smiley:

even if your design is 100% best

so do this first.

good advice. I will start applying it from now on :blush: :heart:

everyone, thank you for helping me a lot. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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u are welcome good work and good luck for next submission :slight_smile:

Finally, I found a thread with really amazing suggestions. :upside_down_face:
I need your help in finding the reasons for Hard rejection on the below logo templates.

This logo is looking good in small shape, I tried to play with fonts and color but still got rejected:

This one rejected too. I guess the corner/endpoints are so sharp that it’s look not good. What do you think?

I appreciate your time here.