Apply author envato element

I’ve applied 4 times to be a author on Envato Elements, but I haven’t had a reply in about 2 months, please review.

A music author? Not possible. They’re not taking in new authors.

I mean being a contributor on Envato Element

If you mean as a music contributor, it won’t happen anytime soon. They are not taking new authors.

I signed up as a graphic design Author, not a music Author

Pada tanggal Rab, 23 Nov 2022 pukul 10.49 WormwoodMusic via Envato Forums <> menulis:

Oh, that’s a different story. I just saw they changed all the application launch page to this.

Sorry I can’t help. They were accepting Graphic Design Authors as far as I knew, but that might have changed…

Best of luck!

You should have quality works, first, you create projects and videos in, your Portfolio. then apply to EE