App Landing Page Review Required

Hi Guys, i need your help to review my design concept and potential to get it approved on themeforest. It’s a one pager and the work is still in progress as i need to do some basic adjustments to the design. I need your help to review my design and help me to improve it. below is the URL

Global idea looks great for me but maybe too repetitive, same color everywhere.

This is of course just my point of view :wink:

Good luck!

@Madeon08 thanks for your feedback, i really appreciate it. I will be working on the colors option as well and i don’t know why but i always start with blue first.

Everybody has his favorite color :wink:
But here in your case, try to alternate colors, because I have the sensation to see the same sections repeated.

@Madeon08 sure i will try to implement your suggestion and will share the new design here again! thanks :slight_smile:

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