Please review this design of my friend, Need Suggestion for myself

Dear All,
Please review this design which is approved in Themeforest recently. This is a design from my friend. I am very much inspired to be an author. Need suggestion based on this design.
My Friend’s Design:

Couple of days back I got a hard reject on this design.
My Design:
Please compare and give me effective suggestion. Your selfless effort will help an unemployed person to earn his livelihood.

Thanks in Advance!!!

Hello, site is good, but need a lot of more work for approval (in my opinion).

Your site look pretty un-modern. You should work more on visual hierarchy. Change this colors and add some better fonts.

You have many typography issues. Make that titles of section bolder;

Also, you have some spacing issues. You should increase padding of your sections, it will be more cleaner .


You need to give more attention to details. This looks bad (colors, spacing):


This seems unfinished… and remove this blue line, it’s bad:

You should try to make every section (every element) look clean and modern… Choose two main colors and care to your element have same spacing.

You can look this template (my last): or some other… there are many modern templates here, and try to see difference between that templates and yours and try to improve design.

Template of your friend look cleaner and more modern then yours, but you can improve it, and it will be good.

Dear @CodeAddict,
I don’t know the word by which I can express my gratefulness for your support. Really really helpful for me. May Allah bless you in every step of your life.

Wish you a happy life.

Asif Malik

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