Anyone Receive Payment Today via Payoneer


Hello Everyone
Previously receive payment via payoneer early morning on my region. But today It’s getting late.
I want to know other authors situations, please co-operate.

Thank you advance for reply.


Same here. nothing yet!


Waiting Waiting !!!


They just started sending out payments a little while ago, remember they are based in Australian time so they still have 10 hours before their day ends!


Thank you for your reply. :slight_smile:


Just Received Via Paypal - Payoneer is on the way i think :slight_smile:


Any update @Muse-Master?


Received now, Thank you Envato!


Its great to hear that, waiting for mine. :slight_smile:


Just Received Via Payoneer.


Just Received Now , This Month Its Late, But thanks Envato :slight_smile:


Got the precious notifications, It was late but happy.Thanks envato