Anyone else's Chrome gone terribly slow?

Hey guys,

My Google Chrome browser has turned incredibly slow all of a sudden (since yesterday), it feels like they released a faulty silent update. Every time I open a new tab or developer tools it takes 15+ seconds to load. I have disabled everything, tried incognito, and nothing.

The Google forums are pretty useless, so I was wondering if anyone around these areas is having similar problems?


Mines running pretty slow but not 15 seconds slow, How much ram do you have?

I have 8gb ram, but I am pretty convinced it is a problem with Chrome. How about you/your pc, has is started recently?

Every other browser works as normal. Chrome has the best developer tools, in my opinion, so I really can’t imagine not being able to use it! I’ve tried emptying the cache and all the basic stuff. And I really don’t want to reinstall until there is no other option :slight_smile:

I hate chrome because in the beginning it was as fast as notepad++ but nowadays is takes forever to load from scratch.

Same here.But I installed to try Torch browser, and it works like charmed.

btw…try to delete cache from chrome

It’s normal here , everything is fine ; nothing unusual.

Looks like I’ll have to try reinstalling! Argh :slight_smile:

Cubell said

Looks like I’ll have to try reinstalling! Argh :slight_smile:

Don’t reinstall. Just try to deactivate / uninstall the unnecessary addons/plugins. This works for me usually.

alcalbg said

I hate chrome because in the beginning it was as fast as notepad++ but nowadays is takes forever to load from scratch.

Oh come on… How someone can hate Chrome? It’s lovely! :smiley:

Anyway it’s working fine on my side. I guess there is something wrong with your extensions…

Reinstalling fixed it, even though I deleted every extension and that didn’t work. Something strange was going on! Oh well, good to have it fast again! Thanks for the comments guys.

Everything’s fine for me. Still running pretty nicely.

Haven’t noticed anything yet. P.S. I just installed adblocker for Chrome and wow, what an amazing difference.

After new updates, my chrome take loading too slow and cause crash sometimes. Just to load main new tab. Old one much more better.

Same here, thinking about removing all the bloatware I added over the last 8 months with various plugins, but still… FB officially doesn’t work at all for me on Chrome. I rarely touched FF, but now I did, and bam, instant load, full functionality.

Everything else had a major slow-down yesterday, a few restarts later, all back to normal. Just FB is “still” awesome :smiley:

No speed difference in Chrome for me. I clear my browsing content weekly though.

Hi, try Google Chrome Canary instead

I have opened 30+ tab every day on Chrome and no lag here :slight_smile:

In case you have VirtualBox installed on a Windows-machine, try temporarily disabling the VirtualBox networking driver on your system. This solved the problem for me a couple of days ago.

When I open 100+ Chrome Tabs something weird starts to happen.

My chrome browser is running smoothly, but my gmail account is acting up lately! You google, you!