Is ThemeForest very slow lately for you as far as speed?

Hi guys,

Is it just me, or is TF pretty slow lately? I am located in Romania, 100mbps speed, and TF takes about 10 seconds to load for every page. Am I the only one experiencing this?

Same issue here (The Netherlands). Loading time sometimes >30 seconds. It looks like that this is only happening in Europe as loading times via Australia or US look fine

Same here in Romania, CodeCanyon is taking forever to load…
Good thing is that this doesn’t after our sales… oh wait, it actually does!

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Hopefully they see the thread and fix it soon. I was going to open a support ticket about it, but I guess the forum is the fastest way :slight_smile:

Same for me on GraphicRiver. Pages load extremely slow – if they load at all. :confused:

Very slow here :expressionless:

Getting even slower, 20-30 seconds to load a page now. The weird thing is that the forum is running very fast, almost instantaneously.

its not even responding anymore

The answer is “yes”

TF is very slow. Sometimes it takes 30 sec to load a page. And I keep seeing the “oooops! Looks like…” page a lot lately. The forum is loading superfast.

It’s fixed here now, back to normal :slight_smile: What about you guys?