is Themeforest down / slow?

Sometimes the css isn’t loading on Themeforest and somestimes the images aren’t loading e.g.

I am guessing S3 / Amazon are having issues but it’s not affecting Codecanyon?

anyone else?

Heya Gareth. Looks like there are CSS issues that the Devs are looking at. Apparently it may only be happening to some UK users.

Here’s the current possible workarounds:

Hope that helps :smiley:

I am with BT so that probably explains it … oh joys… :smiley:

Themeforest is slow here. Something is wrong, it is loading forever. Product thumbnails are not loading up.

Up! Themeforest is not loading up. Very slow!

not at all with me. Its running perfectly

its little bit slow now. :frowning:

speed is perfect but images from are not loading . i m from india.

Themeforest images not loading, audiojungle songs not playing, whats going ?! but page load speed is fine.

Same here! :frowning:

Its very high time Envato should have a status page and or opensource

Thumbnails are not loading up. Any one else facing same issue?

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Hi all,

It would be helpful to us if you are experiencing problems with the site to lodge a ticket ticket with the following information:

  • description of the problem
  • where you are located
  • screen shots
  • information from the Chrome developers console (if possible)
  • traceroutes/mtr reports of the path you take to web server for the file you are having issues with.

For example, .css files are downloaded from cloudfront (Amazon). You can use the network tab in the Chrome developers plugin to find out where the file you are having trouble with is being downloaded from.

If you cannot download that file directly then you could possibly provide a traceroute or mtr in your OS console (depending on your operating system) like the following (this is on a Mac):

$ sudo mtr --report
Start: Tue Sep 15 09:28:59 2015
HOST: xxxxx                      Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev
1.|-- <ip>                       0.0%    10    0.8   1.1   0.6   2.4   0.5
2.|-- <ip>                       0.0%    10    1.6   2.1   1.2   4.0   0.8
3.|-- <ip>                       0.0%    10    1.3   3.5   1.2  18.5   5.2
4.|--  0.0%    10    2.1   4.4   1.4  23.2   6.6
5.|-- server-54-239-200-54.mel5  0.0%    10    2.0   1.6   1.1   2.0   0.0

The support staff will make sure the right people are alerted to any issues.

Jyostna, we are working towards a status page, there are some things that need to be addressed first.


Now, everything is fine. :slight_smile: