Connection/Slow issues on marketplace

The caption of the thread already tells the story, anybody else experiencing this?
It’s still there for hours.
Slow loading, and sometimes it takes minutes to load a page…


The site is loading as per usual for me :computer:

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Thanks very much for your reply, friends. It seems “ok” now and I hope it goes like that way. I was really in a hard situation with the marketplaces yesterday, for hours…

EDIT: Still very unstable. It comes for a minute and then same again…

I experienced this last night.

Right now I can’t check, but I’ll check later to see if anything changed.

Same here! Slow MP and API

Same here in Italy since yesterday

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So it’s good to know that it was not regional.

Slow site loads since yesterday

bad Karma maybe?

Yeah really slow it takes about 15 to 20 seconds to load a page.


@UDX same issue

Hmmm, well.
We have a nonUserFriendly forum that loads very fast (of course it has a reason :wink: ).
We have a marketplace that loads very slow where we try to feed our families.

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inhave slow connect also for like the last 14hours.

same here, very slow response times !!

I just checked and yes, I can confirm as well - marketplaces are still loading very slowly :confused:

The market pages are slow only in Chrome, with Envastats, Dashboard plus, etc and other extensions installed…In Firefox, with no Envato related add-on, the pages load normally.

I guess this is related to Envato API issues, the API is slow=>slow Chrome extensions=>slow pages in Chrome.

I have simply nothing installed on my Chrome.

Yes, you’re right, it’s slow now for me too, using Firefox, all add-ons disabled.

This seems to be the problem and the solution, according to a tweet I’ve seen on Envato support: DNS resolution issues due to outdated ISP DNS caches

Yeah… Pretty Slow to me. :facepunch:

Even worst when we swiched from one market to Another. Because of the SSO Login, then I have to manually click the button to redirect.

Same here. Sometimes it works, sometimes it takes over 20 seconds to load. I thought it was me only. I hope they fix this soon.

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