Envato market pages openin too slow

I wanted to ask other authors if they have similar problems.
Looks like Envato market is overloaded (dunno how) or something else is happening.
I barely open pages, waiting forever like on dial up internet…All other pages working perfectly, but audiojungle very very slow…I can’t even play a track…I tryed cleaning browser, cashe etc. but all the same…
Are there any issues?


Same over here

Same here for me.

I noticed delayed response too on the desktop. I thought it was my net connection.

Yep, it’s slow here too, and sometimes I get the “we broke something” page.

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Same here, 30 minutes for upload a new track

same here. Envato works very slow!

Same issue over here. Been trying to submit an update for the last hour or so without success.

Same here, from Serbia.

Very very slow, one instance the page gave an error. Probably contributed to my zero sales day (again)

Here to. Thank god its only the marketplaces and not the forums :wink:


Same here…

Yeah, same problem almost all day

Same here for all day long!

Yeah … slow day :slight_smile: any sales today !? - naaah

It happens to me too. I live in Romania, Cluj and I have a 1Gb internet connection, so my net speed is not an issue…still, Envato pages loaded very slow, yesterday and today.

I also noticed in the meantime an increased traffic on my items pages. Might be related, I do not know. …See the below picture to see the increased traffic. If every item on the marketplace got the same traffic increase, that might explain the pages loading time. …

Looks like there may be a European internet problem that’s causing some slowness issues. Our Devs are investigating. Thanks!


I have problems connecting to Envatos sites, what is going on??

Same here and thanks KingDog for the update on the issue

Thank you for replays, now i get it…I knew something is maybe wrong with server or something related to that.
Im currently almost unable to listen new stuff but hope soon will be resolved :slight_smile: