Audio Streaming Too Slow

I am browsing through the library of music tracks and playing the previews as I move along down the page of search results. However, the audio steaming is so damn slow. At BEST, I can play a couple of tracks before I start getting lag. Sometimes I have to wait up to 30 seconds before a song plays. Then I refresh the page and I might be able to play a couple of tracks again before the lag comes back. or it might still be there after I refresh the page.

I know the first assumption will be my internet connection, but I am ONLY having this issue on envato’s site, literally no other website. Speed test shows 34.6 Mbps download and 8.15 Mbps upload. This is NOT a new issue, it’s always been this way since I started using envato almost 2 years ago. I can stream 2.7k videos in youtube no problem, but can’t play an mp3 on envato’s site?? I am just sick of it taking forever to browse music tracks., it’s so slow it’s almost unusable. What is the deal with the laggy playback from envato?

How long are you listening to each track before moving on?

As a test I went through 3 pages of tracks and let each one play for about 10 seconds before pausing and moving to the next one. Even after 3 full pages I never encountered any lag, every track started playing the second I pressed the play button. Though I also have much higher internet speeds, so that might be why I didn’t have any issues.

I understand this is an annoying issue for you, and it’s really unfortunate, but it seems that it may not necessarily be on Envato’s end.

same here…its driving me crazy


I can listen to the first 2 seconds of a track to know whether I’m using it or not. This is really slowing the already slow process of finding good music.