AudioJungle Page Access Problems?

Since a few days the loading time of the page is very bad.
Today I though the page is gone completly sometimes.
Same experiences from other authors or is it only me?

I have the same problem with GraphicRiver, the page loading is very slow.

AJ work fine here, for now.

I’ve had terrible problems loading up pages from the marketplace over the last day or two. On a couple of occasions it actually crashed my browser entirely.

On a side note, browsing on Chrome on an iPad is a very, very flaky indeed. You have to click everything twice in order to get it to work and loading up music portfolios just hangs and crashes outright. Can’t imagine that being a particularly enjoyable experience from a potential customers point of view.

Edit: looks like we’re not the only ones: Connection/Slow issues on marketplace

I forgot to mention, that I use Google Chrome.

Today the AudioJungle page loads after 30 seconds. Top!

It’s been fine for me so far. The only thing I’d say would be that the whole site is very slow to use on my phone - maybe it’s just me?