Any one helps me to find the approving in my logo design


Anyone help me to find the approved in my logo design

Sorry to say but at your design level no one can help you to get approved. You are far away from being ready for this marketplace. It is ok to try but without learning design basics you will waste your time and you will get frustrated after several rejections.

You can start by attending graphic design online courses.

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I don’t understand why , I’m so far of the designing. I’m drawing this logo and I tried to make it so beautiful and so wonderful

hi because this is not difficult to understand , in what u have here there is just nothing to keep at all …
if u rally want me to get into deeper explanations, here we go , let’s start the long list of things that are really really far away from standards

1- typo
no originality, no font combinations, no aesthetics, no proportion between tagline and name

2- hierarchy
as i started to mention in point 1, the proportion between logo and tag line is wrong , the name must prevail and be more outstanding than the sideway information that the tagline turns out to be …

3- global style
sorry to say just this but your illustration is very clip art like … this is lacking finesse, work, quality of execution and everything possible … your style here is outdated to say the least , nowadays a lot of logos are made by withdrawing shapes from others using the pathfinder

4- concept
sorry but i must say that i have no idea what this is …

5- color combinations
how to say without being rude? this is horrible … sorry once again but i just want to tell u the ugly truth so that u can realize he kind of work that u have ahead …

6- gradient
in a logo this is not a good idea … try to imagine that some people will use specific printed method and not necessarily CMYK and that a one color version of this will just look ridiculous …

7- lines
they are too thin, they give no consistency to the logo, inspire from nba logos, and u will have a clue what to do

8- execution
the bottom line is that this is not flowless, keep in mind that here is a professional marketplace and this is the place where the big dogs play …

9- marketability
this is very low , think about it, who would buy this when they can redo it in a few minutes? no they would not buy , if they liked despite all what have been told, at this stage , they would save money , take a few minutes and redo instead of buying …