Any Instagram users here on AudioJungle? Let's get together!

Any Audiojungle members here who use Instagram to promote their musical career / brand / products? Let’s share our profiles, tips and tricks on how to use Instagram as a platform. Also, I myself would love to network more on social media with other Audiojungle / Envato members.

Here’s my profile:
Come say hi!

My goal mainly is to promote my brand and products, and to network with other creative people and maybe even find customers. Honestly, I don’t have high hopes on Instagram to increase sales here on Audiojungle, but I do believe social media platforms are a good way to network with other creative people.

Feel free to share your profile!


Hey, I’ve just started using it too! Like you say, not sure how many customers it will bring in but i’m sure it’s worth doing. I’ve followed you :slight_smile:

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Yeah! I’m using instagram too… It’s interesting … when I do updates I get followers almost automatically … most of them cinematographers.
highly recommended! :smiley:
this is mine


Hi every1! My instagram is @denis.sivtsev

@tomvillani from Brazil!!! :brazil:

@shymonmusic :poland:

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i use it a lot. when i find a video using my stuff i post it there and gets lots of likes and follows. I believe some sales come from there as well.

Wow, you all have so many followers! :slight_smile: If anyone would like to follow me i’m

Hi, till now I promote my tracks on YouTube with good views.
I wonder if anyone has experiences or feedback of buyers that came to your tracks from Instagram.

Is it worth to invest time?

Personally, I’m not expecting much customers from Instagram. I’m using it as a one tool to build a brand, network and share my story.

Hi guys, great Thread! I believe in social media to help us grow as authors on AJ and I am happy to follow any author with Instagram, Youtube and Facebook! I am also a believer of one helping another to grow together! :slight_smile:

I have been building my YouTube channel since Feb last year and it has been growing quite well. It’s a lot of hard work and consistently uploading a new video every week! But it is fun, gives a break from composition and it has proven to be worth the time. I have to learn more about how to properly grow on Instragram and Facebook but 2019 promises to be a great year!

Good luck to us all and HAPPY 2019! :slight_smile:


Hi guys Happy 2019 here is my instagram

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hi all


Hey fellows! Here is my Instagram account!


Could you be more precise? I see people doing this all the time, posting videos of their music… ! Something must be wrong…

Iam waiting for response by facebook yet to get more information! Yes you re right many people are posting the same kind of videos as I did. In addition I posted links to my Items. Insta does not likes this because they call it “post for commercial purpose”. I was very active the first day I opend my channel (10 video posts) so the claimed me inderect for using a robot service, wich is not true.

Update: insta wants me to send them a foto of me with some requirements to do this picture: Its nothing else then a self made mugshot! I wont do this!

I have two instagram accounts - one for AJ, one for my music, welcome everybody :slight_smile:

Hi! my instagram -

and this my new track) please listen and hope you like it)