Any feedback on this item please???

I’m unable to understand why it got rejected.
Can anyone help me out please.

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h i do not know either … did u have the same kind of disposition before or try to create something a bit in the same style beforehand? apart from this i have really no idea why it could not make it, sorry

Hi, actually this is the first resume design I’ve made here… even I’m confused what the hell is the issue with this file…

Previously I used to make business cards but none of the designs got accepted…:blush::blush::blush:

So I’ve decided to try something different and tried this but still…:smile::smile:

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Hi, I’ve had continuous rejections from Graphic River, but have sold thousands on other sites. If you do not already sell on other sites, it may be interesting to find out if you have more success elsewhere. The GR reviewers are fellow authors, and I guess the authors who started earlier with GR had a greater chance of success, as competition grows daily. If GR provided us with the specific reasons items are rejected, rather than a standard statement, and suggest we get feedback from other authors (who can only provide their point of view, and possibly miss the reasons for the item’s rejection), it would be SO much easier and customer-friendly. It would prevent frustration, and repeatedly submitting items where possibly, and likely, the same errors continue to be made. It seems illogical to me to operate this way, and surely it’s a waste of both the authors’ and reviewers’ time, especially as a progressive online platform (just my opinion of course). I think you really need to persevere through all the frustration if you want to succeed on GR, and put a lot of time and effort into your products, and submit often, on different days and times, so that your products are reviewed by a variety of authors, with different subjectivity. Good luck, hope you get there.

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Try to be unique and creative bro. Follow other successful author’s items for further knowledge about design. Cheers. :slight_smile:

hi bddy just try to keep on fighting and stick to doing your best and no doubt that your time will come :slight_smile: