Any advice on this reject?

Hey folks. Can anyone please offer any advice on this simple piano piece that I had rejected? I used addictive keys for the recording.

Hey man, really nice track. I like the idea. I think the piano is a bit too harsh overall, especially for this piece, and could use some softening up. Also, I’ve heard Envato is not huge on songs with just a single instrument, ie just piano. Maybe throw some strings on this one. Nice job though!

Hey, thanks for the advice. How would you go about softening the sound. With eq?

I like your idea too!
But I think, that your track should be more variety for approve!)))

Yea maybe pull out some of those mid-frequencies that are harshening of the sound a bit. Also some compression would certainly help.

Hey, it’s a bit repetitive, and the mix needs some approvement. Aggree with the thoughts of @AdaptSounds

Thanks for the advice guys. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Piano not quality. Little air (lightness). You can make the Background of violins. this in my opinion.

Thanks. I’ll do some more work on it :slight_smile: I’ll post up the final results to see what you think.