Another rejection...

Hi guys,

another rejection, can you help me??? Thanks in advance!!! :slight_smile:

Hi, 1. This is not background music (too many solo piano)
2. I do not like drums (their sound)
3. It was written under 80s?

I disagree with @MikhailGraydMusic This could be background music. The idea isn’t that bad.
But I guess it’s just too simple. It’s only piano with a very simple beat underneath it. And the ending is really awful!

So I would suggest:

  • add some strings
  • add some other flavors to spice it up a bit (maybe a guitar, some horns etc.)
  • remix your beat
  • work on a proper ending
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I agree with “IDLaunchMusic”. Beautiful music, no words … You just need to work on mixing and all. Good luck

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Thanks so much for the advices, I agree with you about the ending, it’s not particular nice :wink: about the piano part, maybe I played too many notes as said MikhailGraydMusic, but my idea was to create a motivational track, not only background…

for the mixing/mastering, can you suggest me some plugin specific?

Thanks a lot for the time you spend for listening to my song and for the comment! :wink:

Thank you Tim, I appreciated you words! For the mixing, which plugin can I use? Thanks!

Thanks for the comment, maybe the piano played too many notes… I like the 80s music, that’s could be the problem, I appreciate your positive criticism! :slight_smile:

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I use the plug-ins from “Fabfilter Pro” and “Waves”. Good plugins.

@RobertoFlora Here there are authors who write 80s , see their tracks, look at the design of the track (drums, solo, etc.), because then need its own specifics. Good luck and inspiration!

Thanks! :wink:

Thank you Tim, good music! :wink:

Hi friend,
Sorry if my word make you hurt.
In my view :

  1. Your sound is out of date.
  2. Your arrangement was not exciting enough for customers.
  3. Your mixing and mastering is quite poor.
  4. You should use lead synth for lead melody /hook melody.
  5. You need more background sound and side chain for this track.
    Please listen to other commercial tracks in your genre.
    Hope you get better tracks soon. Sorry for my word again.
    Hope it help you.

Thanks @LongXmusic, I’m not hurt for your comment, it’s always helpful to compare different ideas… I not had a precise direction when I started to compose, the things develop gradually, I hope to take soon the right direction, the commercial direction :wink: take care, thanks again! :slight_smile:

Nice one, your track needs more reverb and delay and smoother transitions!!!
Try to change structure! You can use for the reference any audiojungle track with good sales)

Thanks man, nice suggestion!