A new reject...

Hi guys,

do you help me to understand why this track has been rejected?


Thank you so much!!! :slight_smile:

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Hey Roberto!

You’ve got some good ideas in there, but the mix/mastering/arrangement needs a lot of work.

The timing seems a little bit off at times, particularly when everything is playing at once.

When it all comes in at 10 seconds in it seems a bit abrupt, I feel like you need some sort of indication that all those instruments are going to come in (i.e. a pause, build-up, etc.).

Your mix needs some work. The theme is kind of getting drowned out a lot of the time by all the other stuff that’s going on. Make sure every instrument is occupying a different ‘space’, as it were. You don’t want everything competing for the same space, as it sounds like it is a bit here.

The piano sound could use some treatment as well (reverb/sustain/velocity), and I’m not sure if those are strings or synths, but if they are supposed to be strings they definitely sound way to fake.

All that being said you have some awesome ideas here. I think if you polish the theme and bring it more front and center and then have everything else support it you could have a good track here.

Best of luck!

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The first thing i hear, I think the drum and bass doesn´t fit with the rest of the song.

Thank you Seth for your advices, here I used two different pianos, one for the background and the other for the theme with a pad sound, the strings start at 0:25, maybe their sound is too poor, I used Strings Essentials from NI… the piano sound that I have to modify is the theme piano? Some tip to improve the mix?

Thanks again for the time you have dedicated to listening to my track, very nice! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice, I’ll need to change this and the other things, greetings! :slight_smile:

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I would also add that you need to check your low/mid bass sound of a kick drum, it’s too heavy, my headphones are jumping a bit. Nice track overall, rly like it!

I think the problem with space. Almost all the tools ahead. Background violins should be quieter. Piano make softer. It should be more thorough mixing.

Thank you so much FireLast! :slight_smile:

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Yes, I made all instruments playing too early, because I was thinking to create a short piece, but it needs more space, I agree with you, thanks Mike!