Again rejected!

Again rejected, I would like feedback from experienced users, please. Song

Very good warm sound and nice energy in the drums. The song fails of the piano. It need to be more sensitive and emotion filled. Not so hard and quantized.

Thanks for the feedback, I tried to improve the points you mentioned
Demo 2

Its better!

Try polish the piano resonance. it sounds a bit swollen around 350 hz.

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HI @DLStudios!!
Here’s my opinion about rejected)
First of all, your main piano part sounds very “MIDI” - try to change volume every notes and try to imitation of live piano play. That’s just add expression of your song.
Also, your drums part very cloudy, dull, durty. They spoil the whole track.
Long story short, pay attention to bestsellers in romantic genres, maybe you’ll understand what AJ library needs. As such sound, it is not suitable
Good luck, mate :slight_smile:

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Nice idea of the song. I agree with others, try to humanise piano, also the drums are too loud, maybe you can try to turn them down and emphasise some frequencies more. I hope this was helpful to you.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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