Anonymous hard rejected without even taking a look at our product?



Yesterday we just got the message that our new item ‘WeePie Cookie Allow Simple’ is hard rejected, with the reason: “we found that it’s too far off the standards we require, so you’ll be unable to submit it again”. We think this is not correct at all, because:

  • We already got our Advanced “WeePie Cookie Allow Plugin” ( on CodeCanyon (well rated: 4.36 and good selling: 700 + sales, and still multiple sales per week) . This item was also anonymous rejected in first place! Fortunately this plugin is approved by another reviewer (not anonymous) after our complaint. Our WeePie Cookie Allow Plugin has even been a weekly top item!

On the basis of our experiences of this plugin we now submitted a simple version of our WeePie Cookie Allow Plugin. We really believe there is an audience for this!

  • We worked very hard to develop this plugin and we are very disappointed again that it happens again that our item got hard rejected without the name of the reviewer nor any personal message with some direction why our item is rejected. We even saw it looks like that the reviewer didn’t take the time to take a close look at our item, because we have build in a register and validate function. In the log file we can’t find something from the reviewer…

We really hope our item can we reviewed again!



  • Design issue
  • Too similar plugin?


Thanks for your reply.

Design shouldn’t be the issue because this is the same standard as our other plugins.

Too similar plugin couldn’t be the reason also, because our rejected plugin functions (admin settings + frontend) different than our current WeePie Cookie Allow Plugin.

Kind regards