Already 4 times received a hard rejection AE procjets, and I was discouraged, help me, please!

Hello everyone, please can anyone here help me and (i don’t know) maybe enlighten me about this REJECTION thing, this is my project [Metalic logo Reveal 4K] . It got HARD rejected why do you think that happens??

Nothing new or special. There are thousands of much tastier designs in this style on the market. Also, as for me, the empty black background at the end and the logo stroke look bad

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Hi. In my opinion, in this case (I don´t know about your other 3 times) your project maybe could´ve been approved if you worked more the grunge texture of the logo, lights, surface, etc and more work on transition from grunge logo to flat logo. I´ve seen other approved projects these days that use similar elements on screen that you used too.
Good Luck! :+1:


you’ve done all the nice 3d texture work on the logo but you end with a flat 2d design. Stay on the 3d logo. Add some more lighting or floor detail to the background. And perhaps consider another sound track… This one sounds like Godzilla is about to appear. Sometimes all it takes are one or two more elements to push it into originality… you have a great smoke effect. There is a bit of incongruity, between the overly dramatic sound and the flat 2D logo… Or if you keep that sound track… consider an element to match that sound… in Godzilla…they showed water rippling, etc.