All of my items have been Hard rejected so far, need some help...

Hello guys,

I never had a chance to sucess uploading a song on audiojungle. And i’m becoming really hopeless now…
Would you please give me some feedback on my last upload try ?

Thanks in advance

Bro. Try it in a different library. I took the songs that got hard rejected on here and put them in different libraries. Some places didn’t take the song accepted on here and vice-versa.

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thx for your answer but which library are you thinking about ?

Don’t worry - AJ gives a lot of rejections, this is normal. I myself get at least one rejection for every track that is accepted. Just keep working at it and trying to improve and you’ll push through at some point.

I agree that AJ isn’t everything - you should put your music on other libraries as dcm suggested above.

The forums don’t allow for explicitly mentioning other libraries in the forum, but if you search for “top royalty free libaries” you’ll find some options. Feel free to visit my blog as well and you can see where I sell. Just search “sound phenomenon studios” and I’m sure you’ll find it.

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Thanks a lot Tyler

On this track you actually have a cool sound going and many variations of the sound which makes it interesting. However, you’re essentially looping the same 4 chords over and over for 3 minutes. It’s also a bit unclear how the track progresses over time. Maybe if you provided an alternate section (a B theme) with different chords to make the track breathe more (you could go to the parallel major or work from the IV) and work more on a clear progression, going from soft to intense, I think you should be fine. Also, no need to have a long track unless something new happens. Don’t loop and copy paste just to make it long. This track could as well be 1 minute IMO.


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Hi! music_corner

I immediately noticed in your tracks some frequency conflicts.
(they need to be corrected of course!)
and the second is too much repetition without development.
I wish you much success! Do not give up! Hope dies last.

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Don’t give up. Keep at it !!!

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Thanks @Stockwaves These feedbacks are usefull for me!

@MusicBomb Thanks as well, would you please let me know in details what’s wrong with the frequencies, i would love to know my mix mistakes.


Cool track!
For me the main problem is the drums, especially the kick. It lacks some oomph. The problem is even more apparent in the intro where there’s no bass to back it up. Layer it with a sub or something hitting the lower frequencies.

You should beef up the snare too, it’s a little dull. You could add a steady hi-hat to make the drums smoother and fuller. You could also tidy up the mix a bit.

Those are just ideas… anyway, the track has a lot of potential, you should keep at it!

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I think it’s a cool track, but it’s probably not commercial enough because of the unique way of use drums. Try a straight forward beat and see how that goes.

Also, I know I’m repeating what others have said, but getting rejected is pretty normal to the process. Don’t take it personally and keep going.

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I was listening to this and i can say that this track is very good but maybe not enough “commercial” for the market…Maybe they think it’s too much experimental…If they didn’t wrote on rejection email the main reason, maybe there are some sound conflicts but i think that the main reason is that this item is not for this market…Because track sounds good…Don’t give up, we all have ups and downs! :slight_smile:

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