After WP update to 4.8.1 visual composer not working

Hi there,

My website uses the Salient Child theme and ever since I updated WP to version 4.8.1 I’ve been experiencing issues with editing any of my pages. Specifically, when I try to edit any of my pages it will say “Loading, please wait…” on visual composer. It stays like that no matter how long I wait.

I tried disabling all plugins and enabling them one-by-one to see if it was a plugin issue, but to no avail. When I switch to another theme (e.g., Twenty Twelve), I no longer see visual composer at all when I try to edit my pages. Furthermore, my list of plugins doesn’t even include Visual Composer, so I’m assuming the visual composer I have was built into the Salient Child theme.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. As you probably could already tell, I’m very new to WP and have limited experience. My website was built by external developers that we paid, so that makes things a bit more complicated.

If I cannot find a solution, would it be possible for me to purchase Visual Composer as a separate plugin and edit my pages that way, without interfering with the theme?


There is new version of VC . Buy separate license and update plugin. If you wait theme developer that update template with new version of VC it can past months