After Effects Warning: Invalid menu operations


I have downloaded templates from Envato Elements like intro videos, callouts, titles, etc but whenever I try to work with any of these templates in AE I get this warning, and then the software crashes.

“After Effects warning: Invalid menu operations”

Has anyone come across this before and has a solution? I have read online that it is a bug with AE but when I try to talk to their support they are useless. I have also read that it has to do with the amount of layers in the project which doesn’t help since we are getting these templates pre-built.

Our computer very expensive and powerful enough to handle anything AW throws at it (well except this issue lol). We have installed and uninstalled the software 3 times now, and we are running the newest version of AE 17.4 as of Oct 22. I have reset the preference twice already on AE.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I suggested using AE with Envato Elements for my company and now I am looking like a complete fool because this has been nothing but a headache for everyone.


I have the same problem. Whenever I right click on the timeline comp I get this warring message “Invalid menu operation” :neutral_face:

Definitely try using an older version of AE - often more stable!