alert crash at opening template on after effects

Hi I have a problem I have a subscrtiption on envato I downloaded some template, I have some who work, and some when I open with after effects it crash directly on startup, I work with imac big sur, I have the last after effects 2021 I don’t know what to do to solve this problem.

Thank you

Hi, I can request you can check item description and item comparability follow the documentation. In case issue not resolved you can ask to item support section. Item author helps you.

They are nothing in the description just after effects cs5 or above

You can wait for author support author mentioned time. In case not received any response. Then you an go to ask refund. In case refund rejected then you can contact directly to Envato customer support. They are happy refund you. Before refund you can take proof of related screenshots.

I understand absoultely nothing about what you write

@SPRUKO I’m afraid there is no “on item” support for Envato Elements. The process you’re describing applies only on the main markets (for VideoHive for example), not on Elements.

@theholegc unfortunately there is no support for Elements, however I believe the author may want to know about this issue. You can send him a message via his VideoHive profile page and tell him about this issue. Maybe he will have some ideas.

Oh…I am sorry I am taking about Envato Marketplace. Not elemets. Just now I rechecked he was talking about elements.

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No worries! :grin: