Affiliation urgent problem



Hello, bought two friends in Themeforest with my Affiliation url but do not go on my own, there is a period of days to appear, thanks


The friends must have visited themeforest before you referred them. If a user visits themeforest before a referral then the referral will not be used


What say dtbaker is real, unfortunately could be another reasons, affiliation program of themeforest has a lot of problems. Sometimes I am sure that my user was 100% new, and that they has respect all program roles but I didn’r receive nothing, I talked with other authors seem that this happen very often.


In order to be sure that you’ve referred someone, always check the value of the referring_user cookie from an envato marketplace website ( e.g. ).

If the value is different from the username you’re referring ( It must not be -1 or any other username ), then clear the browsing data or just the cookies from your browser and go to any envato website with your referral.

For example: type in the address bar , not just visit and then add your referral link, because the value of the referring_user cookie will be -1 this way.

I hope you get it.


thanks to all