Commision from referring a friend.

Hi, I’m a programmer and I have a lot of friends that don’t know about ThemeForest and other, so if I tell them to sign up using my referral will I get commision? we are in the same offices I’m afraid that I won’t get any commision since maybe we will have the same IP when they are signup using the office internet. so how can I prevent this from happen and get a commission from referring them? thanks.

I think that has to do only with user name, not with IP (maybe I am wrong). You will get some bucks only when they make the first buy on Envato.

Maybe someone can give more info.

Hello @ekobudiyanto,
Thanks for your query, but yes the IP address being the same will be an issue. The only way is if you have your own site and are attracting organic traffic, this is how we typically work with affiliates.

Hope this clarifies things
Emile (Envato affiliate team)

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