Purchased theme, how do i include my referral code in footer link?

Hi I just purchased the soledad theme from themeforest and in the footer where it says theme by pencidesigns, i want to use an affiliate/referral link. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do that - I signed up for the affiliate program as i couldn’t see anywhere that automatically gave me a referral code? Now I have to wait for the affiliate program to accept me? Is envato the same as themeforest? confused

Hello @wellzenlife

Envato affiliate program changed: New Market affiliate program has launched!! :rocket:

Contact to emile_b

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Yes, Envato is same as ThemeForest. You have to wait for approval now.

When your affiliate account will approved.
Just copy your affiliate referral link paste in ( Enter Landing Page ) and apply.

get your link from here: ( Use the link below to promote your selected campaign.) and press copy link.

Follow this screenshot hope you will done your self

Thanks :slight_smile: