Affiliate Payment not yet processed and Current Balance is not showing Properly...

Hi there,

I am Nayyar Shaikh I am an Affiliate member, There is something wrong with the website, normally the amount is processed on 15th of the month but it’s 17th and still the amount is not processed and also my current balance is Showing $154 instead of $204… pls help me ASAP…

As far as I’m aware withdrawals are not fully automated so they won’t process them if the 15th falls on a weekend. You should get paid between 6-12 hours from now as it is currently very early Monday morning in Australia.

Maybe 1-2 of the users you referred got a refund or disputed their payment.

hi @nayyars777,
Thanks for your query, I have looked in to your earnings however they look correct. Please reply to my email so we can work to resolve this.

The difference in amounts could be withholding tax. Make sure you’ve filled out the tax details in your settings page.