AE 4k Project Render time

Hello, Fellow Authors

I have a question regarding project render time. Currently I’m working on my new logo sting and as the project is approaching testing phase I noticed that it takes nearly 3 hours to render… First time making 4K template project so I don’t know how much is acceptable. To be more specific the project is a logo reveal, UHD 4k, 10s long, no 3rd party plugins, no prerenders, some image reflections, textures,3D extrusions (layer stacking), 3D camera movement, DOF (trying to achieve realistic look). PC spec: i7-4790K 16GB ram.
Is 3h normal for that kind of project?
In Your opinion what render time is too excessive for a 10s 4k logo sting AE project?
Maybe You’ve made some that takes even more time to render?

Thanks in advance

Yeah, it’s definitely normal.

Over the past 2-3 years, a lot of AE users have been pretty spoiled with the flat/minimal design popularity. It’s incredibly easy to work with and the render times are awesome.

Think about the difference in working with Full HD vs HD, it’s for sure noticeable. Now think about it this way, for a fair comparison, you would need to compare HD(1920x1080) with 960x540, because HD is half the size of 4K(3840x2160) - that’s a major difference.

Add on top of that that most recommended 4K bitrates are twice that of HD, so if you’re using pre-renders or multiple 4K clips, you’re going to be waiting for that AE progress bar quite a bit.

My recommendation is to be honest with them in the tutorial, with higher quality projects and more details you have to work with longer render times. I always tell people to get used to a workflow of setting everything up to render, then when you leave work for the day hit render, or render elements while you are sleeping.


Well, when it comes to render times and size, 4k has four times as many pixels to render, and you can expect a file size four times the size of 1080p.

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Thank You for answers :slight_smile: