Is there any time limit for rendering AE projects?

I mean, can I upload a project which has rendering time more than 10 hours for 5 mins video duration for example? Are they gonna approve the project or this can be a reason for rejection?

excessive rendertimes can be a rejection reason, but I have never seen it being the only reason for a rejection yet.
Besides that, think about your customers, optimize the rendertimes as best as you can, and give a hint of what the rendertimes on specific system specs look like in your item’s description.

5 minutes of animation is quite long, so I think that 10 hours are totally reasonable. However, I’m a professional who is used to long rendertimes and demanding animations, it should be in your interest to inform your customers about what rendertimes to expect before purchasing.

rendertimes are not the only reason why a template can be a bad experience. Much more important than rendertimes is how well you can edit the template - with that I mean will After Effects choke on every change I make in the project and will I have to wait several seconds to get feedback on simple color changes etc? This is much more frustrating than having to run the render overnight while being asleep.

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We don’t necessarily have any requirements on renders, and your project likely won’t be rejected for excessive render times. It’s not something thats tested during the review process, so it’s not necessarily part of the decision making criteria.

However, your item might be received poorly by customers who purchase an item that takes forever to render, and may leave poor reviews on your item.

From my own personal experience, if an animation takes more than 1-2 hours to render, customers are going to complain, and your sales may suffer as a result.

Its always best to optimize a project so that it renders as quickly as possible, especially for customers who might have less than adequate computers, or might be under a tight deadline.

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Thank you for your responses! You gave me good advices. For example: I should put in the description the possible render time for some graphics and processor pc features to avoid any complaining and I should try to optimize the project as best as I can.

My template it’s about an audio spectrum made with trapcode form for musical channels and the length of the template will be the length of the music used. Now , I could optimize the time render by making the template more simple and loosing quality. Should I choose quality or low time render?

Do not remove elements from your template because that might cause a hard-rejection. Have the option the template be able to get rendered with the resolution of 1280x720px. To calm you down I will tell you that I am currently working on a logo reveal template which takes 35-40 hours to render(1920x1080px). My machine is with quad core i7, 24 gigs ram, gtx 950m. The project is very complicated and has a lot of polygons and particles which make the render slow but I’m aiming to make something big so I will pay the price and I will say it in the description that the render is not fast.

now that I call excessive :smiley: I would try to reduce that else you will have problems with buyers.

I understand . If the buyer puts in the description the render time and the customer still buys the item knowing it takes 40 hours then the costumer shouldn’t complain . He knew that before buying the item. However It could be unlucky if the buyer doesn’t read carefully in the description before buying. But that’s his fault. It’s a bit risky because you don’t know who buys your item with what render time expectations in this case.

This is the reduced version.

I think you can make the buyers choose the quality by adding a checkbox in the template controllers. by that, you will inform the buyer that if you uncheck these options you will lose the half the quality and the render time will be reduced to the half.

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Yes, I was thinking about that.Thanks, I will take in consideration. Just unchecking one of the solids it will make the render time half.

It always depends. If your project’s visual quality will suffer because you’re building it to render quickly, it might not be worth it. However, if it’s going to take 12 hours to render, you may want to consider optimizing it somehow.

When I build a project, I try to keep render times under 2 hours. Most customers won’t want to wait much longer than that.