Reducing a 4K Template to HD (After Effects)

Hi, First post so hopefully in the right forum.

I bought a motion graphics template which is 4K. I don’t want to export it as 4K so seems pointless working on it in 4K. What is the best way to reduce it to HD?

Currently I simply precomposed the entire template and reduced it that way down to HD but the render doesn’t appear to be any quicker so I assume it’s still reading it as a 4K file and my way of reducing it is making the render slower rather than speeding it up!

There must be a simpler way, or isn’t there?

Oh, haha. I’m rendering from INSIDE the precomp so it’s still doing it as 4K.
Never mind. Still interested in any suggestions though.

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The way you do it is the fastest solution. Not regarding rendertime, but total time spent. Reworking a template in a different resolution requires (almost always) a lot of work, so the rendertime saved is not worth the effort.


I agree, but it would also have been helpful if the artist had simply made a HD version of the template available.

The extra work required for that just far outweighs the benefits a customer has (lower rendertimes). You essentially have to redo the whole project structure to get another resolution, and with every update you now have to do twice the work as you have 2 project files to change from now on.

So that is why you will very rarely find different resolutions offered.