i wanna change my 4k project to hd

Hi guys, i bought 4k template. but i didn’t know. also it has hd render option. my computer is not enogh strong.i can not work with 4k. i tried to change composition settings to hd but somethings went wrong. can i work hd in 4k project? how can i do this?

Thank you

Hi @gulbaharmer

You can render 4k project to HD. Create a new composition in HD, and then drop the 4k composition into new one.

If you want, i can render it for you with extra fee.


hi @yeremia i can render it i know that thank you but my problems is work with 4k. when i working my computer ıs slowing down couse of 4k project. if i change whole project to hd from 4k i think i can work easy but how :slight_smile: