Need help with AE template bought from VIDEOHIVE

Hey friends, is it normal that I take around 12 hours to render 3 minutes of a video clip?
I tried AE template named MOSAIC REVEAL. I put 100 images to the project and rendered it.
I take Adobe Media Encoder for rendering, set H264 mp4 max&target bitrate=3.
My laptop is CORE I7, 8GB of ram.

I think this is too long for only 3 minute. What wrong with my rendered setting.


You should probably ask the author of the template directly on his profile page if this is normal.

I’d also suggest in the future to first export the video in Adobe Media Encoder to an image sequence, and then use that image sequence to create your h264 file. This way if for some reason the rendering crashes or you want to stop, you don’t lose everything, you just have to restart from the last rendered frame in the sequence.

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Depends on the complexity of the project and the specs of your laptop. 12 hours isn’t that out of the ordinary though, I remember having a extruded logo animation and it was saying 48 hours to render. And that was only a ten second sequence!

But yeah, if you have lots of 3D layers then that can cause some pretty slow render times. Effects like noise, depth of field and 3D shadows can slow things down quite considerably as well.

A lot of times you might get a bit of a bottleneck when it comes to your hard drive, seeing you’re on a laptop. I’m guessing you’ve got a 5,400rpm drive which is standard for laptops. A 7,400rpm, 10,000rpm or an SSD might speed things up.

You could also try rendering multiple frames simultaneously, although with only 8GB of RAM it might not be worth it, and could actually slow things down further. Worth a try though. But yeah, speaking to the author is your best bet, then can tell you how long it should take, and hopefully provide suggestions to speed things up.

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Thanks for your suggestion:)

Thanks for your suggestion. Luckily, I still have time before my wedding day. Hope I get what I want in time. :slight_smile: