Advice on mixing ?

I have made a track in the same style than this one :

But my tracks doesn’t have the same clarity and depth, it sounds less “in your face”. It would helps me a lot if you could ear the two tracks and give me some clues of improvement (reverb, compression, EQ, imager…). Here’s my track in the same style :


This is a rather voluminous topic, I think that most authors already come here with some knowledge. There are plenty of video courses, both paid (and free), which clearly explain everything. Most likely this is the experience that people learn for years, or even decades.
It’s just that Envato is not a training ground, but a ready-made market of authors with their knowledge and experience.

Open Google and you will find everything … :wink:
Good luck!

P.S. If you were to correct the question differently, like “How does this sound?” “Listen to the track, how it sounds, what to fix?”, then maybe someone would give you some answers from the forum.
But in essence you are asking “How to make the sound the same as on the track from that author?”
If so, you’d better ask this author directly. :wink:

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Thanks for your answer,

In fact, I have already some knowledge in mixing. But I asked advice more specifically on this track, not in general (indeed it would be too voluminous!).
As you suggest, I will propose another title for the post.