Some tipps for a newbie?

Hi. Had a hard rejection on this one:

I would be very thankful for some tipps to have better luck in the future.
What do you think? Mixing Quality? Or is it just crap? :slight_smile:

Great composition. In my opinion the reason of reject is mixing. Try clear resonances of each instruments. Paning of solo parts will be nice too. And i think track needs a compression :wink:

Thank you so much for your reply!
Not so easy to handle a reject of a work with so much blood, sweat an tears in it;)
So I will try to follow your advices and improve my mixing skills.

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Hey, I like your composition a lot, too!
In addition to what EvieEmerald said, which is absolutely true (most of the tracks, especially the melody instruments, are in desperate need of some compression and maybe a more ‘aggressive’ eq, i mean, they are the parts which should stand out, right?):
The sax sounds too much VST-like, you hear the artificial vibrato very clearly, I think that’s quite problematic, kills the vibe for me a bit.
I think the (actually quite cool) drum programming could use a more ‘human’ approach too: it simply sounds too programmed at times.
Other than that, when mixed properly, this will be a stellar track.

Some compression tutorials: (a general overview) (also a good general overview) (from a certain company but nevermind, cool tutorial anyway) (a good theoretical explanation)

Also quite important, when it comes to mixing: compare your track to other tracks you admire! Especially frequency-wise thereby you will detect your faults and maybe be able to correct them :slightly_smiling_face:

WOW. I can´t say how much I apprechiate that you spent so much time for
such a detailed analysis of what went wrong with the track. That is so helpful for me!
Thank you very much AudioCroissant!
Think I will spent the next days to study your tutorial-links. I often had a problem when it comes
to mixing. Hope some day my ears will be skilled enough to hear what a good mix has to sound like.

If I will ever be in the lucky position to get a song published on Audiojungle this success
will have a large due to you all. Thanks!