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Hello my fellow authors!
I have a question. I have already contacted support team, but I would like to get the answer as quick as possible. One of the buyers wants to purchase an extended license to use one of my audiojungle items as a soundtrack for his game. Does he need to buy an additional license for a youtube video that demonstrates the game?
Thank you for your help!

If this buyer is using your item in his game and also is the demo of that game, I believe it’s okay .
But, if this person is using the buyer is making two different uses of your sound, like using it as background music in the app and background music on YouTube, then he might need two licenses.

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I’d say if he’s showing the game in action, and in doing so, you’d hear the music as it’s used in the app, then they won’t need a new license. Because the music was used to create the app and you’re just showing that creation in a video, you’re not then using the music to specifically create that video.

Like if you created bunch of t-shirts… you’d need a license to use whatever imagery to create and sell those t-shirts, but if you make a video of your shop, then you’re not going to need another license if you see that t-shirt on a rail.

But if he’s just using the music as a backing track or or an intro or in a segment that isn’t showing the app, then I guess they would need another license, as they’re creating something new using the music. Although, people don’t need to pay to see the Youtube video, so he’d only need a regular license.

I’m pretty sure that’s right, but I’m no license doctor. Maybe best to wait until support get back to you.

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