I don't understand the "one end product" part of the licensing, and what does that mean for YouTuber

As the title says I don’t understand what this means, does this mean I have to purchase the song every time I make a video with it in it or am I miss understanding it. If I’m not then that doesn’t seem like a good deal at all, considering some songs are anywhere from 20 to 400 dollars. I’m asking because I finally found some battle music I like and want to use it, but I’m not if it has such a huge limitation on it, and it would be that big of a deal if the artist had their songs on the subscription service, but they don’t.

To clarify I want to use songs as background music for my videos, even on other platforms, streams and possibly animations.

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If your different videos are part of a series, it is covered by the one license as I understand it.

You can check it out in detail right here:

That’s still kinda confusing. Does that mean for my gaming channel it will count each game as an overall series or as each game as its own series, cause that can get expensive real quick.

Personally they should get rid of this stupid one project rule, would make a lot of things less confusing. They could easily have add-ons where they can purchase a different number of uses to use that track any number of times, a one time purchase, or a monthly thing.

Hello @JukoThe10Tails

This really depends on how you plan to structure your content. The videos in one series have to be somehow connected to each other. For example:

A series on how to beat the final boss: episode 1 - game x, episode 2 - game y, episode 3 - game z

So for this example, the games are different, however they are part of the same series of how to beat the final boss. (You are allowed to use the audio in 52 videos that are part of the series - so lets say if you release one video per week, you have one year with one single license on that series)

But if in the meantime you decide to add a video on “How to build your house in game x”, then for that specific video that has nothing to do with the “how to beat the final boss” series, yet you still have other videos featuring that game, you need a separate license. I hope this makes sense.

It really depends on how you plan on structuring that content.

If you still have doubts about the licenses, you can contact Envato Market Help and Support. They have a dedicated team of experts that handle the licensing part. They will be happy to assist!


Thanks for the clarification, but that means I can’t use this site. For my gaming channel I plan to play different games, but some will be in parts or different videos in the same game. Shame too I finally found an artist who made music I was looking for. If the artist was in the subscription service than I would have gone with that, but they aren’t.

That rule feels scummy and anti consumer if you ask me. They should get rid of it or make a better one that allows for multi uses in different videos or maybe just add everything to the subscription and increase the price abit, or make tiers, these would be better. Thanks anyway.

I recommend you write a support ticket using this link - > Envato Market Help and Support and explain in more detail what you want to achieve. The scenario I provided is just one example. I’m sure the team will be able to guide you in the right direction and give you advice based on the structure you’d like to follow on your channel.

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Thanks, I’ll do that in the morning. Thanks for taking time out of your day to help me.

Things would be easier and better if they didn’t have that rule as I never heard of this site until now, and it confused me and didn’t make sense to have it.

No worries! There is an amazing community here on the forums that is always willing to help out. Plus, Envato has a Support team for every issue or misunderstanding that one may have :blush:


Hi @JukoThe10Tails

Please, take a look on this thread:

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Since my question is odd, as mrsenabled suggested, I’m going to ask support. I still think they should get rid of it, I even talked to a person who never heard of this site, and they agreed that rule made zero since as to why even have it when theirs better options. Even i it clears up I don’t even know if I want to go with this site anymore since it has just a ridiculous rule and just a loose and unclear definition of a series.