IP Question: 2 other non-related businesses are using the same music I licensed from AudioJungle

Surprisingly today, I saw two totally unrelated companies using background music in their videos that was identical to the music I licensed from Audiojungle. When I purchased the license from Audiojungle, does that restrict others from using the same license? or is it a license that is granted to anyone else who wants to purchase the same song/license?

It should be one license to use on one video per purchase to my knowledge.

And no, anyone else can license the same track and use it. You are not paying to own the track exclusively and especially not for the prices on here. Authors can’t be expected to spend hours on a track for it to be used only once and make often $10-20 for their time.

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Correct. Tracks on AudioJungle are only licensed on a “non-exclusive” basis.