Added (old) track no longer appears as new

Hello fellow authors and Envato team,
Has anyone noticed that if you add a track to elements and the track let’s say 3 weeks old (uploaded 3 weeks ago to the audiojungle), it doesn’t show up as new on elements, it appears on page 5 of so.
Before, when you uploaded a track on elements it always appeared as new because it’s a new track for elements. Can other author please check this?
May be Envato can also informe us if that’s something new and we should take it into account?

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Yes, something weird.
What i see are the same “new” tracks for days in the first positions, even uploading new items.

Tracks does not have at all “badge” - “New”. I mean older tracks from audiojungle. They appear on elements without blue badge “New”.
It would be nice to know if this is a bug or a new rule for uploaing to elements. In that case we can plan beter what and when to upload to elements.

I think there is a bug on the Envato Elements page … I added a project but it does not appear as a “new” in Envato Elements. What’s going on here? @Kristinbrodie can you help in this topic?