Acoustic plugins... Very Realistic


Hello ! I’m 17 years old and although I don’t sell much… I’d love to share my new music, 100% (roughly) composed of strings, some recorded but most come from plugins.

string plugins reached an extraordinary level of realism, I think…

here’s the track : Strings

Would love to have your advice … ! Don’t you think it sounds just like real strings ?

SamyWorld :slight_smile:


No kidding! 17 years old? What kind of advice do you want? well ah, keep going like that, you’re well on your way to a career in this field :wink:

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well yes 17 :wink: Just wanted a few opinions , thank you very much ! :smiley:


Oh it’s really sweet and sounds realistic in my opinion! What plugins did you use? I’m interested in string arrangement but don’t have a clue how to compose it well lol


Hi, @SamyWorld! I think you “Classical Cinematic Strings” has amazing mood, and very nice melodies, but you need to learn how to create more interesting and dynamical arrangement. And mix your music with more realistic and powerful sounds, because it’s sounds like raw demo, not like professionally mixed and mastered track. I hope it helps you.) Good luck! :slight_smile:


I used session strings ! and yes I guess string arrangement is interesting and can perhaps lead into orchestral arrangement in the future :slight_smile: !


To be fair, the track was accepted by Envato, so in their view it is certainly not a raw demo!

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Hi lucky ! Thank you for your answer, yea I don’t know many mixing techniques yet, but my goal was to make the track immersive and not to complex ! However you’re right I have to learn how to work on dynamics and space …! Thanks :slight_smile: