Greetings from Greece! New composer here!

Hello everyone!

My name is Ioannis, im a 32 year old composer from Greece. I have decided to start composing for AudioJungle and make a living here and brand my work.

I love composing for trailers and making Hybrid Epic Music! So many talented people here and so many amazing compositions! I really hope i can be a part of this community!

Do you have any tips / advices for me? I have set a goal in making 400$ from my music in one year from now. Is that possible?

Working hard and uploading almost daily isnt a problem!

I have 5 tracks already approved from AudioJungle and i couldnt be happier :slight_smile: I know its not much but its a start.

Here is my profile :

I would love to hear your opinions and advices!


Welcome @IG-MUSIC :tada: You can earn more than that. All you have to do is make something that sells itself. Great items have great sales. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Welcome @IG-MUSIC! You have a great start on your portfolio. In this business there are as many different success and failure stories as there are Audio Jungle authors. I guess if there is one piece of advice I would offer it is…focus on the long term success. In my opinion this requires consistently uploading high quality products at a steady rate, broaden your portfolio to more than one genre and style, and keep it fresh and fun by mixing in types of compositions you enjoy creating. Enjoy the journey! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the jungle and good luck! :slight_smile:

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@janxcode_team I hope i’ll make it! My goal is to try and post at least something every day or every other day. Making music is what i love and i hope i can make it into a living through AudioJungle!

@MidnightSnap Thank you for your advice! I have set my goal to one year of dedicated work here so i hope by then i would be making the money i want. Even if i dont make it though, being a part of this community makes me happy! I mainly create hybrid epic trailer-ish stuff but like you said trying different styles and genres is really fun!

@thebigsound Thank you! The journey begins! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the jungle ;), I am also a new composer…

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Geia Sou Giannis,
Welcome and have fun creating ! :slight_smile:

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@DastAudio Hello there , its good to be in the jungle :slight_smile:

@WolfSound Γεια σου φιλε μου! Its good to see more greeks here :slight_smile:

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Geia xara file Gianni, Kalh arxh sou euxomai! :sunglasses:
$400 einai liga… an anevazeis iliko kai eisai kai tixeros ta 0 tha ginoun 3 eukola… Kalh dynamh man! :+1:

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Welcome @IG-MUSIC and good luck with your sales :slight_smile:
I’ve just listened your first tracks. It’s a good work !


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@odiusfly Μακαρι φίλε! Απο το στόμα σου και στου Θεου τ’αυτί :slight_smile: Ευχαριστώ!

@AudioSolution Thank you my friend! Im glad you like my work! Im trying to upload every day or every other day :slight_smile: Hope the sales go up!

If you want add me on FaceBook too guys, i’ll be glad to talk with all of you more! :slight_smile:

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Welcome @IG-MUSIC to AJ community. Wish you a big success here. The biggest advice from our side is to keep pushing, set goals and work on them every single day.

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Thank you @GrooveStudio for your kind words! What i really like about Audiojungle is the different styles of music it has. Although epic and trailer music is where i feel best at, there are so much to learn in every other style too! Each one is unique and full of things to explore :slight_smile: And here in AudioJungle one can see the best of each and learn a lot.

Working every single day and pushing my limits is what i enjoy more than anything. I just hope to achieve my goals through that effort :slight_smile:

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Καλώς ήρθες φίλε.

@sotto3d Δεν περιμενα να βρω τοσους Έλληνες εδω μεσα. Καλως σας βρηκα φιλε :slight_smile: