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I just wanted to buy one theme from Themeforest and my account was closed during the purchase. I can’t figure it out in any way and I can’t make a purchase. Is there anyone interested in this site?

Hi ayseaydiner,

Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your account. Please open a Support Ticket via Envato Help and Support. They will be happy to help.


No, nobody cares. @charlie4282

My wife opened an account in her own name. Even though they had never made a purchase from Themeforest and did not have any connections, they did not accept the new account and returned an e-mail.

Now I want to shop from my account that I opened in my name, but it is blocked. I think they treat new members like scammers. I am a taxpayer and have a company in the USA. I can prove this with all the documents. We even open our Paypal account more easily.
I want to buy a theme just because I want to create a website for our business. But I cannot find a contact person. I don’t understand the reason for this, they don’t give any explanation. MEANINGLESS!

Please have someone authorized handle this matter. This is frustrating. Please let someone know which account we should make the payment from: Mercury Bank, Payooner or Wise. We have it all. Our goal is to just buy themes. This can’t happen, it can’t happen. @charlie4282

Unfortunately we are only volunteers and the only people who can rectify this issue are official support staff

@KingDog any ideas?

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No, it’s truly incredible. We cannot get clear answers to our problems on such a large platform, we cannot find an interlocutor. I appreciate the service you provide as a volunteer, but we are not playing games here, we want to do business. All I want to do is buy a theme. We are not scammers, I can understand security policies but this needs to be explained like a human. No explanation ZERO ZERO ZERO. We are ready to provide the documents they request. We request that our account be opened like a human.

Paypal verifies us and we can open our account, Mercury bank verifies us and we open our account, Wise verifies us and we open our account. But opening this account shouldn’t be this difficult.

@charlie4282 @KingDog

Can someone explain to me exactly what this means?